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Need a second opinion?  Here you have a few in video form.  Few things are as rewarding as hearing from satisfied clients.  

Life is all about gaining experience and gathering knowledge.  Meet me - learn about my past - and why we should partner for a better tomorrow!

My experience is varied.  This is where you can see my a few examples of the companies I have worked for, as well as my interests.

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        Xavier Hernandez

Social Media Marketing Guru

Efficiency Expert / Executive Coach

 SEO Optimization, Placement

Photographer, Videographer

Ideas That Work! 

Welcome!  The world wide web has changed the way we live and do business today.  It can be difficult, confusing and tedious for you to follow all the trends - learn all the codes - and keep up with the lingo.  That's where I come in.  I have a vast experience in web page design, social media, and marketing. 


In addition, I am also a published writer, avid animal lover, and ex-seminarian.  What a mix!  I am putting, at your disposal, all of my past experience - to be used today!