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And Now . . . 

Today, I use all of my experience as a professional photographer, videographer, ex-seminarian, voice-over talent, financial consultant, Youtube Partner, website developer, social media marketing guru, writer, and Christian to offer you a balanced variety of services backed by the integrity behind my name, past projects, and strong faith in God. 

So, how may I help you?  Contact me directly.  As human beings, we are all different.  The same goes with any online endeavor.  My services will be catered to your needs and desires. 

Formation, Adulthood


Personal beliefs, ethics, a set of morals, and learning are on-going in my life.  After high school, I entered the workforce.  I was ready to earn money and work long hours.  I was excited!  Working knocked me on the head a few times before I realized that further training was needed.  I attended a community college.  A few philosophy classes, sociology - and psychology - all aced.  Sister Jean would have been proud of me! 

After working a few more odd jobs, my real life experience began to form in front of me.  I was once the manager of a large video rental store owned by RKO Warner Theatres.  Since I loved photography and videography, I started my own business - Spectrum Video Service.  It was a huge success.  However,  a lot of work.  It was a labor of love - and I am proud to say we had no issues despite the many events we covered.  Customer service, personalization, and reassurance were the key to the success of Spectrum Video.  It set us aside from larger operations.


I ventured into the life of the priesthood.  I felt God had always been calling me.  And ever since a little boy, I was intrigued by the Catholic mass, the sacraments, etc.  That was a short lived venture when I learned I would have to spend 8 years in college - only to continue on two more years to be ordained. 


I didn't make sense to me.  Plus, with the things I witnessed first hand?  I was insulted that they would be so harsh on my plea and dropped the entire effort. 


I went on to work for large companies such as Prudential, Casio, and KeyBank.  All brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to me.  I soaked up all the information and knowledge from each.  The best practices and the "not so good" practices.  Stuff you could not learn in college but only out in the field, in the front lines - with employees and customers.


Volunteering at animal shelters was a huge passion of mine.  Particularly Noah's Ark in Ledgewood, New Jersey.  We can learn a great deal from cats and dogs - and I did.  


Past Grammar School


There was a feeling of freedom and fear after graduating from Sacred Heart.  Best described as: "bitter-sweet".  The old norms, although asserted upon us in military style, were familiar to us.  Now, into high school and the public school world. 


Well, aside from the few instances of pot smoking, things went relatively well there.  If you wanted to get an education there, you very well could.  If you just wanted to "cruise" - and learn nothing, that was okay too.  Both would get a diploma.  A huge difference from grammar school.  To me, high school was a set of 4 years of relief from being watched every second of the day - and being scolded for everything - even things I felt good about. 


Life Views & Experience

My life views have changed throughout the years.  As with anything else, experience and life lessons change the way we think.  I have always had a deep belief in God.  That has not changed.  What has changed is my view of the Roman Catholic church.  Having attended a private, parochial school during my grammar years, I can attest to the mental and physical child abuse that went on there every day.  Subtle - yes.  But still there.  I am not referring to sexual abuse.  I am referring to systematic indoctrination that their absolute truths cannot be challenged - and, anything challenged would be met with an adverse reaction. 


Back then, it seemed, the nuns were more interested in collecting money.  We had to sell chocolate bars door to door - and a variety of other "fund" raisers were put upon us - or our parents - on top of the already high cost of tuition.


Still, my bad experiences in grammar school did not drive me away from God.  I did, and still do, feel a closeness to God when I pray.  As for the Catholic church?  We have all seen the scandals and legal proceedings it has faced in the past decade.  Need I say more?

About Me:

Meet Me

I was born in Havana, Cuba - 1967.  My parents migrated us out of the island right at the start of the revolution.  In 1974, I started my life in the United States, after having lived in Spain for 2 years awaiting my visa. 


I wish to honor the struggle and efforts my parents made in getting us out of Communist Cuba - and thank God every day for the gift of freedom that this country gives to us all.  I am currently a United States citizen and consider myself American.  This country has given me all I have - and therefore, I can proudly say I would defend it against any enemy, foreign or domestic.