Are there any areas of projects that you will not work on? 

An‚Äčything that is against local, State and Federal laws will be turned down.  Projects are gauged on a case by case basis.  I realize that new ideas sometimes require bold, innovative approaches.  I will work with you to accomidate special projects and "thinking outside the box".   

How do I setup a consultation with you?  Is it free? 

Setting up a consultation with me is easy.  We can do it in person if you are local - over a cup of coffee.  We can Skype.  We can talk on the phone.  We can email. 

The initial consultation is free of charge.  In it, I will be able to determine if what you have in mind is something that I can cater to - and vice versa. 

 What does an Efficiency Expert Do?

I will partner with you to make your business more profitable.  This is done by an in-depth study of your business structure - as well as staffing configuration and roles.  I identify and isolate redundancies and make recommendations in a report which will include specific plans of action, better practices - and a general restructuring of your current setup. 

Xaves511 With You!

You offer a variety of services.  Do you work alone?

I do about 99% of the workload that comes in.  I review the paperwork and contract for sure.  

I also have available resources to carry out other tasks - to better meet your expectations and broaden our range of services.  This is especially true in the area of "Voice Overs" - where a specific sound, gender and pitch are all crucial to the specific outcome. 

What seems to be the biggest inefficiency in companies?

Communication.  Poor oral and written communications among employees and managers.   I often find that employees and managers are working towards a different goal without realizing it.   Other times, employees on the same team have different objectives in mind and this creates wasteful redundancies.