My Photos

If you stop and think: every photography you take freezes time for a second and records it on paper or digital disc.  Although the method of displaying, processing and shooting photographs has changed over the years, one things remains: "a photograph is with one thousand words". 

Indeed photos bring back nostalgic moments from our past and reminds us of family and friends that may or may no longer be with us.  A photograph is a thing to cherish.  

Here I share some of mine.  Although I am a photographer, this segment is not meant to display examples of my professional work.  These photos are posted here as a part of getting to know me and those around me. 

My few attempts at water painting and drawing produced the cat images you see to your right.  Again, these were not used for commercial purposes.  They were simply a personal challenge of mine. 

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My Art

My Attempt At Being Creative!

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